Location & Travel

The working days of the hackathon (July 28 5:30 p.m. - July 30 2:30 PM) will be at:

The Urban Hive @ 1931 H ST, SACRAMENTO, CA, 95811

Google Maps Pin:

PARKING INFO: Please do not park in the lot right next to The Urban Hive. That is for Urban Hive staff and tenants. You will need to park on the public parking spots near The Urban Hive. Street parking is available adjacent to the building on the South & East sides. There are several blocks of unpaid 2-hour, 4-hour and even some unlimited spaces available. There are a few sections of paid 4-hour parking on nearby blocks. Just please be sure to read the signs for restrictions. We will not be able to pay for parking or parking tickets.

The Final Competition & Reception (July 30th 4:00-6:45) will be at:

The California State Fair  @ 1600 EXPOSITION BLVD, SACRAMENTO, CA 958

Google Maps Pin For General Area:

Use this map to get to: Building B in the Taste of California: Wine & Olive Oil Education Center

PARKING INFO: We will provide you with a ticket to the fair and a parking pass for LOT Z when you  turn in your presentation on Sunday..


Location and Parking - California State Fair
Participants will receive complimentary admission to and parking at Cal Expo on Sunday, July 30th for the Finals. Yes, you can enjoy the Fair afterwards! The Finals will be held in the Building B in the Taste of California: Wine & Olive Oil Education Center and it is strongly recommend that you go around and park in Lot Z. See this map of the Cal Expo grounds.

Lodging & Late Night Venues
There are several hotels in Davis and Sacramento to choose from and also several businesses that are open 24 hours.