Official Event Rules

Open and Collaborative Event: Each team participant has freely chosen to join with the others to address a challenge either presented at the event by event leaders or by other participants who presented a challenge or idea. Please don’t bring or share proprietary information, private data, intellectual property and/or trade secrets at the event, unless it is your intention to make such material property of this team. None of the team members’ employers, enterprises, sponsoring organizations or affiliates have a claim to the intellectual property created during this event. The host organizations (Apps for Ag, UCANR) and sponsors also have no claim on the intellectual property. The intellectual property created during this event belongs to each team member as an individual, on an equally shared basis. It is up to the team members to collectively decide what to do with it going forward.

Teams Form Ad Hoc: This is an inclusive event, with an objective of bridging the worlds of Ag, Food, Sustainability and Tech. Therefore, our expectation is that participants come to the event to meet new people and to subsequently collaborate with them. While pre-formed teams are allowed we would prefer and encourage the creation of new teams at the event. We explicitly forbid; 1.) the use of pre-written code which is purpose built for the event, 2.) product advertisement/promotion disguised as participation and 3.) the use of intellectual property, private databases or technology that are not reasonably available to the all of the other teams. If the Apps for Ag organizing team determines that any team is in violation of these three points, that team will not be eligible to win any of the event’s titles or prizes.

Deliverables: The idea is to actually write working software during the event. THE SOFTWARE DELIVERABLE DOES NOT NEED TO BE A MOBILE APP. You could build an api, a website, or even a program that uses tech and/or open data to make it more efficient.  Teams are strongly encouraged to attempt to build and demonstrate the key component(s) of their concept during the event’s timeframe. Prototypes, wireframes, websites can be used to supplement and show a more full picture of your concept. Judges, especially our technical judges, will be asked to gauge the quality, technical merit and completeness of the software/product being presented. We strongly encourage teams to host their software on a virtual machine during judging (shown to audience via IP Address or URL). If a presentation is to be hosted on a local machine, then that machine needs to be shown to the Apps for Ag team no later than noon July 29th. This is to determine how to connect them to the AV system later the next day. Teams that are using a local machine will be required to go first. A pdf version of your presentation must be submitted to [email protected] no later than 2:00 PM on July 30th (this is required regardless of whether the app is hosted virtually or locally). Teams will be required to practice their pitches between 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 PM on July 30th in front of the Apps for Ag organizing team. We will provide a sign-up sheet for your practice pitch at the event. Out of fairness to all, these deadlines will be strictly enforced. Teams that do not meet them will not qualify for titles or prizes.

All questions, comments and concerns can be directed to [email protected]

More info:

  • Team Sign Up (this will be required once you have established your team at the event)
  • Judging Rubric (this will be provided to judges to help them judge the presentations fairly and with the same criteria for all teams)

All items are subject to change without notice up to the beginning of the event. Any changes made after the start of the event will be clearly communicated to all participants.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please email [email protected] or find an organizer.