Incorporation Services

Royse Law Incorporation Services Description:

Our incorporation services include:

·         Incorporate as a Delaware or California Corporation

·         Qualification in California (if necessary)

·         Employer Identification Number (EIN) (if one of the founders has U.S. SSN)

·         Securities Filings (**California Only)

Documents included:

·         Certificate of Incorporation

·         Statement of Designation by Foreign Corporation (if necessary)

·         Action by Incorporator

·         Organizational Resolution of the Board of Directors

·         EIN official copy from IRS

·         Stock Purchase Agreements for Founders (with vesting)

·         83(b) election form with instructions for filing

·         Technology Assignment Agreement (if necessary)

·         Indemnification Agreements for all directors

·         Bylaws

·         Stock Certificate form

·         Sample capitalization table

Package excludes costs incurred in connection with the incorporation, such as payments made to third parties on the your behalf, such as filing fees, registered agent fees, document production, duplication, postage, facsimile, telephone and the like.