Challenge Areas

Discuss these challenges with other participants at our Facebook and LinkedIn pages! Chat with everyone before and during the event on Slack.

Citrus Greening / Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) This insect and disease complex has severely impacted the Florida citrus industry and now it threatens California. Can we develop tools to help detect, track, forecast and prevent it's spread?

Drought and Irrigation Efficiency - You know that California continues to be in a historic drought. It is a very complex crisis, but agriculture objectively takes the brunt of it. There is a lot of room for innovation in this challenge area from precision irrigation hacks to complex modeling.

Healthy Soil - More than just dirt, soil is one of the planet's most complex ecosystems. Agricultural soils are challenged by balancing nutrients, increasing salinity and preventing runoff. Soil microbiology, still not fully understood, is witnessing lots of innovation.

We also encourage teams to present other food or agricultural related concepts that do not fit within these challenge areas. However, our industry panel and mentors will be selected to focus on the areas listed above.

We will be recruiting experts in these areas. They will be updating the descriptions and will also join us at the beginning of the hackathon.